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Friday, 20 January 2017

Following is place to see inside Raigad Fort –
1) Raj Bhawan, Raigad Fort
Raj Bhawan at Raigad Fort is prominent place where Shivaji Maharaj took charge of Maratha Kingdom on 6 June 1674, calle Rajyabhishek. In the Hindu calendar it was on the 13th day (trayodashi) of the first fortnight of the month of Jyeshtha in the year 1596.
The Raj Bhawan is very attractive place where you can see huge statue of Shivaji Maharaj in center and can feel how Shivaji Maharaja and his administrative. The Raj Bhawan is very big and can be fitted for many people. One security guard is always presents to protect statue and guide the tourist. Nagarkhana Darwaja was entrance to Raj Bhawan.
2) Jagadishwar Temple, Raigad Fort
It is Lord Shankar Temple. The Temple is quite simple but having its own identity. Outside the temple there is Huge Nandi is about five feet. Whole temple is made of stone with square structure. Their is no light inside the temple. Inside temple you will feel warm in winter and monsoon and cool in summer. This is best place for yoga and meditation.
3) Shavaji Maharaj Samadhi and Waghya
After Jagdishwar Temple, Shivaji Maharaj Samadhi is situated. Beside the Samadhi Waghya’s statue is place in memories of Shivaji’s beloved pet dog Waghya which is facing towards Shivaji Samadhi. The Place was very peaceful and also protected form all tourist. The greatness of Shivaji can feel here.
4) Takmak Tok
Their is place where all prisoners were thrown to death called – Takmak Tok. The Takmak Tok is very dangerous and their is no chance to be live if anyone fall from the Tok. Now it is covered with fence to security of tourist. Here wind is flow from all over the places and difficult to balance. Rain was very worst here that you cannot stand.
5) Ganga Sagar Lake
Ganga Sagar Lake is artificial lake to preserve the water for entire fort. It is very huge and very deep that can store ample number of water. This supply water for fort and nearest village too. The Ganaga Sagar Lake is situated near to fort.
6) Bajar Peth – Market Place
Inside Raigad Fort their is Bajar peth where market is set for fort people. Inside fort a small village is exist. The Bajar Peth was very well structure with all cubic building where easily store grocery for six month.
7) Shivaji Statue
When you enter to Fort you can see a very passionate Shivaji Statue. By see this you can feel a power and energy.
8) Mena Darwaja
Their is secondary entrance called Mena Darwaja dedicated to Royal Ladies and direct goes to Queens Palace.
9) Hirakani Buruj
Hirakani Buruj is wall very prominent cliff. This wall is named to woman name Hirakani. She stay nearby village at the foothills of Raigad was come to sell milk to the people living in the fort. She was inside the fort when the gates were locked by sunset. The love for her infant son back at her village gave her the courage to climb down the cliff in the dark. She repeated the feat in front of King Shivaji, and was rewarded for it. In appreciation of her courage, Shivaji arranged for a wall built at this location. Ref : Wikipedia.
Although we missed Mena Darwaja and Palace due to heavy rain at Top. It was huge fog at top which delighted us. The climate was wonderful and amazing. We climb 1500 staircases to reach fort is about 2 hours 30 mins walk. Many places are slippery because of algae because of waterfall.
Accommodation At Raigad Fort
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Raigad Fort
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